We are a group of 4 curry and beer enthusiasts, Niggles, Joebeak, Davekins and Chossmops who decided to trawl the curry houses of Ipswich to find the best and worst the town has to offer, we are rating each place in 5 categories: atmosphere, service, food, menu and drinks. Survey score is posted at the bottom of each review.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal at 40-42 Norwich Road, Ipswich IP1 2NJ was the first curry house in Ipswich serving us tasty food since 1964 and they are very proud of this fact! The restaurant is a fair walk for all of us and it was a hot summer Saturday evening so the first thing we requested a cool glass of water. We were seated at an unmade table next to one already laid out, we proceeded to sweat for the next 15 minutes, the air conditioning seemed to be off (we politely presume broken) and were happy to be next to the open door onto a busy Norwich road breathing in the sweet smell of petrol fumes. Eventually our beer came, gladly, but with no sign of any water. Not a good start. Davekins had the chicken Masala and said the meat was the best quality he'd found in Ipswich and said the general flavour was good, not massively exciting but certainly tasty, the other boys were in agreement, for me Taj mahal offered some of the more flavoursome veggie dishes Ipswich has to offer. Yet again the evening seemed to be overcast with very poor service, with few smiles, very little attention paid to making sure the evening was enjoyable and generally a stuffy atmosphere. This was reflected in our tip (IE- none) to a very unhappy waiter, at least we knew what was wrong with the miserable sod now.

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