We are a group of 4 curry and beer enthusiasts, Niggles, Joebeak, Davekins and Chossmops who decided to trawl the curry houses of Ipswich to find the best and worst the town has to offer, we are rating each place in 5 categories: atmosphere, service, food, menu and drinks. Survey score is posted at the bottom of each review.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Review of Sonar Bangla Balti House

Our next stop was at Sonar Bangla 37 Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, IP4 2EA which is a stones throw from My Keralam and a vastly different restaurant. We were initially encouraged by reports of it's good reputation in the town and the fact that it has a B.Y.O policy on alcohol which is something ipswich is deffinately lacking. Our initial impression was not too impressive, the restaurant is very small and it felt a little like sitting in someone's un-lived in living room, the staff were friendly enough but largely seemed a little bored. We ordered our meals which took some time to arrive, so of course we were all starving by the time they arrived and eager to tuck in, unfortunately we all all more than a little disappointed Joebeak decided to go for the Lamb Ceylon and said it "tasted like bisto with curry powder and a touch of coconut." Niggles had similarly disappointing things to say about the Madras. Personally I like to try something simple in each restaurant, the onion bajhi, simple but oh so easy to get wrong... all I can say about Sonar's was that it was like eating a floury tennis ball. disappointing.

Survey Score: Sonar Bangla Indian Restraunt: 49%

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